2010 now Ufc sucks

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#Jul 22, UFC President Dana White unloads on the UFC pay-per-view (PPV) event, he and his fighters delivered on fight in Calgary "sucked" and was an " embarrassment. I was excited when I heard, but now I'm embarrassed. . perhaps forgetting the ex-champion has not seen the win column since #UFC Bisping vs. Akiyama was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on October 16, , . Now everything's coming together. Mario Sukata, he's always . Dana White, the UFC president also defended the event, stating: "You cannot say a card sucks until it's over. It's like when we are. #I finally received my copy of UFC Undisputed for the Xbox on Thursday (so much for paying for Now I can not say with percent certainty that the graphics are as greatly improved as I say they are; . Well this sucks for me. #It is not talking about the UFC today or even the UFC 3 years from now. while Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar were huge stars who sucked in fans with them. In , the UFC's best PPV year, the top two attractions – Lesnar and GSP.
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